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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Lack of money
I have a distinct lack of funds at the moment due to the delights of the Local Education Authority and their ability to drag out applications for loans for as long as humanly possible.
I have things I need and want and can't afford, hence this rant:

  • Toothbrush - bristles are coming out of mine.
  • Haircut - I need to look professional for my job but I'm becoming all spilt-ended.
  • Extension lead - to produce more light in my room so I can read better.
  • Shoes - mine are crippling me, ouch!
  • Laptop - to aid my job.
  • More time!

End of rant.

- posted by Kim @ 1/29/2004 04:41:00 pm |

Saturday, January 24, 2004
Neil Gaiman
Just been reading over a few things on the Neil Gaiman site. He's such a talented writer it's amazing. I don't think that even given practice I'll ever have that much talent or be that articulate. Ah, c'est la vie!

- posted by Kim @ 1/24/2004 08:23:00 pm |

Friday, January 23, 2004
Me versus the world
What is it the world wants from me?
My sweat and tears, I give these freely.
"Not enough, not enough" the world screams back.
Drained and dropping I dream, I dream.
Now I dream in black and white,
Occasionally tinged with my the red of my own blood.
Every drop falls from my veins like the tears from my eyes.
Empty like your heart, empty like you want.
You win, you win.

- posted by Kim @ 1/23/2004 06:04:00 pm |

Thursday, January 22, 2004
Help... someone... anyone?
In a time where on the job training and ocational schemes are all the rage I am constantly astounded by the lack of support given by the very organisations that provide the service. Once you're there and doing the work that seems to be it, no one has the time or inclination to help you. It's sink or swim and it just defeats the entire point of the schemes. I don't see why they would go to so much effort to set people up to either fail or drown in stress and confusion. Appalling!

- posted by Kim @ 1/22/2004 01:52:00 pm |

Sunday, January 18, 2004
Theory of teenagers
I have a new theory that's been rattling around in my mind for the past few weeks. I've noticed that many of the teenagers at my local sixth form college dress very much to extremes. This can include gothic, rockers, skaters or any other style. They all tend to dress in the same style as their peers and whichever style they choose they take to the extreme it's not just a slight leaning as you tend to see in most other age groups unless it's for a specific reason or occasion.

My theory is that with the great increase in the use of mobile phone technology and the growth of the internet, especially instant messengers, teenagers are never able to break away from their friends. This means that they are always wrapped up in the dynamics of their social groups and this is the most important thing in their lives. In essence it becomes their whole world. There isn't a change of social experiences so they can't see past this bubble in order to realize that there is a whole other world out there.

Teenagers have always been obsessed by peers and social relationships so the ethos of 'you're never alone with a mobile phone' has taken this part of their social relations and removed every other element. Something so natural has evolved into a generation that cannot seem to break out of a social envelopment and even worse, they don't try and break out because they don't realize that there is more.

Perhaps time will teach them that there is more but it will be interesting to see this generation grow up and begin to deal with life. Perhaps it is a good thing and everyone will have stronger social support and friends that they can rely on as closely as family. I hope it does not go the other way and spawn a generation unable to cope with even the simplest components of real life.

- posted by Kim @ 1/18/2004 04:59:00 pm |

Saturday, January 10, 2004
Sore throat
Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy, tickly in my throat.
Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy really gets my goat.
Can't stick my fingers down my throat and itch to stop the rawness.
Could anything short of God himself stop the pain and soreness?

- posted by Kim @ 1/10/2004 06:36:00 pm |

Friday, January 09, 2004
Running into tomorrow
Where to go and what to do,
Running everywhere lost and confused.
What happened to my dreams?
What became of my life?
I'll ponder it tomorrow,
When I have less strife.
Tomorrow... Always tomorrow!

- posted by Kim @ 1/09/2004 11:10:00 pm |

Saturday, January 03, 2004
First Blog
Going to use this blog to practice my writing and random scribblings. Hope anyone who wanders here enjoys it and I hope most of all that I'm not too narcissistic!

- posted by Kim @ 1/03/2004 10:06:00 pm |

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